CELLtography 101.

29 Sep

Please join us as professional photography team (and husband and wife) James Dewhirst and Loredana Gaudiuso share pointers on:
~ how to take great photos with your cell phone camera
~ specific phone applications that make taking, managing and sharing your photos easier
~ practical tips for taking great pictures of young children

James Dewhirst and Loredana Gaudiuso have been in the professional photography business since 2004.  They met and studied photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California and now call Denver home.  Loredana specializes in taking photos of infants, children and families and James specializes in educational and corporate photography.  They also enjoy photographing weddings as a team.  They live in the neighborhood and have a young daughter.  Their websites are:
jamesdewhirst.com (corporate photo site)
loredanaphotography.com (family photo site)
lorejames.com (wedding site)

Please RSVP on the Evite by Wednesday and include the names and ages of your children so we can plan childcare accordingly.

Career Clarity for Moms.

15 Sep

Join us on Friday to hear Brenda Abdilla, Certified Coach, Author and Mother present: So, What’s YOUR Lane? Career Clarity and Confidence for Mothers at All Stages   

If you knew that your kids would thrive no matter what your choice was…what career “lane” would you choose and why? Ah, if only it were that easy? We would all be happily, thriving in our lane of choice and feel supremely supported by our loved ones, girlfriends and extended family. What if you discovered that the life that you dream of might actually be within your reach, but you might not know it because you are too stressed, guilty or exhausted to figure out a plan?  You deserve a shot at the life of your dreams now, not twenty years from now. Together we will briefly visit each “lane” and debunk some of the myths about the lanes and help you figure out where you would like to be—and what to do about it.

From this meeting, you may come away with some clarity about which categories of your life are working—or not and how this impacts your stress level, your confidence, and ultimately your decisions.  Explore the “lanes” and the options available to you. Make an action plan for your next steps.

About Brenda Abdilla, CPC

Brenda is the founder of Management Momentum LLC and a PCC level Professional Certified Coach. For over 13 years, she traveled the world as a professional speaker, business consultant and executive recruiter, working with thousands top level professionals in the areas of sales, management and leadership. www.whatsyourlane.com

Please RSVP and include the names and ages of your children so we can plan childcare accordingly. And please take a moment to register on the following link: http://www.jotform.us/mirmo/momtimeregistration

Love Languages for Families.

5 Sep

What’s your love language?  Do you know your spouse’s?  Can you guess your child’s?

You can take the online tests to find out your love language, and then retake the tests thinking as your spouse or child to estimate their love languages too: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

Meredith Wakelyn, LCSW, walked us through discerning the different love languages that exist in our families, and gave us examples of how to speak other languages in order to connect deeply with our spouses and children.  Your primary love language may not have an impact on your spouse or children if they speak different languages.  Figuring out theirs means you can learn how to communicate your love for them in a way that is meaningful to them.

For example if your child’s primary love language is Words of Affirmation, they will feel special and the most loved by you when you pay them compliments or verbally reinforce positive behavior. Conversely, they will feel wounded when you use a harsh tone with them.

Most of the handouts that Meredith shared today can be found on the 5 Love Languages website.

If you’re looking for parenting or personal support, reach out to Meredith who runs a private counseling practice.  She is a mom of two and understands the challenges that many of us face!

September 5 Announcements.

5 Sep

Announcements from today’s meeting:

September Moms’ Night Out: “Welcome to MomTime”, September 25, Paola’s house.  This is a casual event for all old and new MomTimers.  Bring something to share (food/drink) and get to know this great group of women.  RSVP on the Evite or contact Paola.

MomTime Welcome Packets: if you are new to MomTime please see Casey to get a welcome packet that contains lots of important information about MomTime and the things we have planned this semester.

Fall Retreat: join us for a girls’ weekend at Pam’s vacation home in Silverthorne the weekend of October 25-26.  We will have a chance to get away from our responsibilities as moms and wives for 36 hours and just spend time having fun together.  RSVP on the Evite or contact Pam.

MomTime Room Number: the church has recently renumbered the floors in the building, so MomTime’s new room is 205 (formerly 305).  Childcare is in 204A (formerly 304A).

MomTime Registration and Dues: Casey is collecting checks and keeping track of registrations for this semester.  Please talk to her if you need a scholarship.  You can register online here: http://www.jotform.us/mirmo/momtimeregistration

Fall Service Project: this semester we are supporting our neighbor downstairs, Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten with a book drive.  Service project coordinators, Francine and Molly, will share the preschool’s Amazon WishList of books for the school library.  You may buy a book from the list or donate a gently used copy of your own.  Proceeds from our Christmas bake sale will go to the preschool’s Tuition Assistance Fund, and we encourage everyone to buy grocery cards through them so they can benefit from the stores’ kickbacks.  Look for more details in an upcoming blog post.

Lunch Bunch.

3 Sep

Calling all past and present MomTimers to join MomTime Lunch Bunch! Lunch Bunch is an opportunity for moms to meet for lunch without children and catch up with friends new and old. This is a great option for working moms or for those times when you want to schedule a babysitter and get out during the day.  We meet once a month September through May at noon during the fourth week of the month, rotating Monday through Thursday. We meet at different lunch spots throughout the year. An invitation will be sent each month via the listserv. Please feel free to suggest a lunch place you love. Also, please let Linda Beardsley know what neighborhood you live/work in during the lunch hour as this will help us in selecting places to meet.

Fall 2014 Kick-Off.

31 Aug

Join us this Friday, September 5 to congratulate yourself for surviving summer and help us to kick off the MomTime Fall Session! Feel free to invite a friend too.

Our first meeting will feature a presentation by Meredith Wakelyn, LCSW, on “The 5 Love Languages for Families”.  She will discuss the secret to giving love that lasts in a marriage/partnership and how to help your children feel loved in a way that has meaning to them. Meredith Wakelyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Denver. She specializes in parenting support as well as trauma and family of origin issues. Her website is www.meredithwakelyn.com

Please RSVP on the Evite by Wednesday and include the names and ages of your children so we can plan childcare accordingly. If you are new to MomTime and have not received the Evite, please email Casey with your name and the number of children you are bringing.

You can register for the semester on the following link: http://www.jotform.us/mirmo/momtimeregistration

Dues for the fall session:  
$75 attending with one child
$90 attending with two or more children
$50 attending with no children
(bring your check made out to Montview Blvd Presbyterian Church on Friday)

To stay in touch with us this semester, add this blog to your RSS feed or add your email to subscribe (column on the right of this page), “like” us on Facebook, and join our listerv/Yahoo group.

We look forward to seeing friends old and new!

Fall 2014 Session.

7 Aug

Fall 2014 Flyer

 PDF flyer Fall 2014
Please share this post and the above flyer with anyone who might be interested in MomTime this fall. Spread the word!

We meet from 9:15-11:15am at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Room 305 (one floor above the preschool). Childcare is located across the hall in Room 304A. Please enter through the main church entrance (Commons) accessed from Dahlia Street or Eudora Street.  Use the stairs or elevator immediately to the north of Commons to find us on the 3rd floor.


Fall 2014 Schedule

Friday, September 5
The Five Love Languages for Families
-Meredith Wakelyn, LCSW, www.meredithwakelyn.com

Friday, September 19
So, What’s YOUR Lane? Career Clarity and Confidence for Mothers at All Stages
-Brenda Abdilla, Certified Coach, Author and Mother, www.whatsyourlane.com

Friday, October 3
Cell Phone Photography (“Celltography”)
-James Dewhirst and Loredana Gaudiuso, Lore + James Photography, www.lorejames.com

Friday, October 17
Religion and Race
-Ted Vial, Associate Professor of Theology, Iliff School of Theology

Friday, October 31
The Development and Support of Healthy Sleep in Infants and Children
-Patience Bleskan, MA, Child Development and Sleep Specialist and Parent Educator, The Family Room

Friday, November 7
Raising a Resilient Child in a Complex World
-Linda Marrs, Director of Montview Community Preschool and Kindergarten
MomTime Service Project: Book Wishlist for Montview Community Preschool and Kindergarten
-MomTime Service Team: Molly Jaques and Francine Mugge

Friday, November 21
Cookie Decorating for the Holidays
-Shauna Veen, Owner, Sugar Art by Shauna, www.cakes-denver.com

Friday, December 5
Preventative and Therapeutic Skin Care
-Samantha Ghiselli, MD, Denver Dermatology Consultants

Friday, December 19
Curriculum, Academic Standards, and the Common Core in Public Schools
-Kurt Dennis, Principal – McAuliffe International School


To register: http://www.jotform.us/mirmo/momtimeregistration

For more information:
Paola Ramirez – paolaramirez4@hotmail.com
Heather Weldon – heather.weldon@yahoo.com
Casey Stringham – casey.e.stringham@gmail.com

If you are interested in a faith-based discussion group, you may wish to attend MomSpirit. This is a separate group, but has a lot of overlap in membership. MomSpirit meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month (when MomTime is not meeting) and also offers childcare for a fee. Contact Kathy Price for more information – pricek32@gmail.com.


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