Getting the Most from Our Bodies.

14 Feb

MomTime members Alisa Felin and Ellen Dolan stretched our muscles and minds this week, literally and figuratively.

Alisa is an instructor at the Academy of Colorado Ballet and owns her own business providing entertainment for children’s parties, called Alisa’s Dance Party.  She led us through some ballet stretches and impressed us with her flexibility and strength!

Next, Ellen Dolan stretched our minds when it comes to nutrition and its effect on health.  Ellen has her own Juice Plus+ business and is a doula.  She is passionate about healthy eating, particularly filling our bodies with nutritive, unprocessed foods.  To download the information she handed out in the meeting, click here: Family Nutrition Packet.

Ellen brought along a McDonald’s burger, fries and apple pie on a plate:

The food was dried out, but not moldy in any way.  When Ellen revealed that this plate of food has sat at room temperature for six years old, we were shocked!  It certainly helped drive home her point that we should be aware of the ingredients we put into our bodies.

Thanks Alisa and Ellen for a fun and informative meeting!


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