Estate Planning for Parents.

25 Feb

We learned the basics of estate planning from attorney Destin Sims of Rosenlund & Sims, LLC.  She walked us through trusts, probate, wills, powers of attorney, healthcare authorization for children, and guardianship.  If these phrases make your eyes glaze over, fear not, Destin was very easy to understand and really helped explain why it’s important as parents to have estate plans in place for our children.

An important document you might not know about is the healthcare authorization for your child(ren).  It allows people (that you name) other than yourself or your husband to make medical decisions for your child when you are not with them – for example if they’re staying with grandparents while you’re away for the weekend, or in a nanny’s care when you’re at work.

To download the materials Destin handed out in today’s session, click here: Estate Planning for Parents, and R&S, LLC.  Destin did talk briefly about online estate planning forms and said that using such forms is best left for uncomplicated estates that do not involve children.  Get in touch with her via email if you want to create or update your estate plan.


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