Resilience and Hope in Difficult Times.

22 Apr

A huge thank you to Martina for her devotion, and Leah, Paola and Robin for their speaking program today.   It was emotional and personal and I think I can speak for everyone at MomTime today in saying we are honored that you chose to share your stories with us.

Martina touched on using humor to navigate difficult situations, and then talked about turning to books and learning as a way to navigate grief.  She took a painful chapter of her life and made it the focus of her dissertation, which allowed her to find peace.

Paola talked about the importance of forgiveness and understanding in coming to terms with a painful experience.  She has made a conscious effort to accept the unknown and to find balance in tension as a way to cope with adversity.  Finding strength and comfort in her ancestry also helped Paola through difficult times.

Robin endured a challenging journey with her son that helped shape who she is today as a woman and a mother.  She and her husband made it a priority to remain positive for their young son so that he could draw from their positive energy in the thick of it.  Now that they can put it behind them, Robin continues to talk with her children about ways to draw strength in tough times.

Leah faced a heart-wrenching decision very early in her days of motherhood.  She talked about learning to accept help in her darkest days – for her this was evidence of God’s spirit at work through others.  Sharing her story has helped her work through the stages of grief and come to terms with what happened.

In closing, here is something for all of us to ponder: how has your difficult time changed you as a parent?


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