Simplicity Parenting – Week 2

8 Jul

Today’s discussion focused on Chapters 3 and 4, Environment and Rhythm respectively.  Paola’s handout can be viewed here.

If you have any recommendations for toys that encourage imaginary play (discussed in Ch. 3), leave a comment here or send an email to the listserv.  My sister-in-law introduced me to Magna-Tiles and now my 3-year-old and many of our neighbors’ kids love playing with them.

When thinking about ways to limit the amount of STUFF your kids receive for birthdays and holidays, Paola shared that in her family she tries to focus on 3 gifts; something spiritual, something mental, and something physical.  For a young child spiritual might mean something to nuture their imagination – it’s open to interpretation.  Another idea is to give gifts in these categories: something you want, something you need, something you wear.

What are your families traditions for creating rhythm during the day?  Leah uses the book Devotions for Preschoolers (Leah let me know if this isn’t the right link!).  Tell us your ideas too… it’s always fun to learn how other families do things.


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