Spirituality and Children.

16 Sep

Sandy Prouty, Minister of Children and Families at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, gave a wonderful talk on nurturing our children’s spiritual lives.  She reminded us that children refresh our own spirituality by helping us appreciate the beautiful and the simple in this world, like the way the sunshine hits the leaves or taking a closer look at a blade of grass.  Sandy urged us to share our everyday spirituality and processes with our children – if you’re having a bad day, explain to your child you’re having a hard time, but that you trust in the good of the universe (God or however you choose to view it) that your day will improve.  Voicing aloud you random prayers like those we offer when we hear a siren rushing to the scene of an accident are also ways to demonstrate to your children that you find ways to practice spirituality in your daily life.

Sandy has some book recommendations from the secular press and religious press that touch on the themes she covered today. Click the links to view the lists.

Sandy also asked us to jot down notes or draw the answers to these two questions:
1. What do you want for yourself when your (first) child is 20?
2. What do you want for your child when he/she is 20?


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