Intentional Living.

2 Dec

What a thought-provoking session from MomTime’s resident life coach, Susan Bross!  Though Susan is not an official coach yet, she is on the path to getting her credentials.  Susan helped us get started in preparing for the new year with intention and clarity.

The essence of Susan’s presentation was guiding us through finding our core values.  Knowing our core values helps shape every decision we make.  Consider these questions when determining your core values:
1. How do I want to be remembered?  What do I want my children to say about me at my funeral?
2. What values represent who I am?
3. What values do I want to demonstrate?
4. What effect do I want to have on others?
5. What must I have in my life in order to keep my spirit alive?

Susan urged us to revisit these questions once a year because as life changes you might need to change too.

Next Susan talked about the different roles we play in our lives.  The goal is to find balance in all these roles.  Consider the following:
1. What are my current responsibilities?
2. What am I accountable for?
3. What are my relationships?
4. What do I want to be doing? (i.e. you want to add a new role to your life, such as going back to work)

Susan had us list our various roles (mom, wife, friend, etc.) and then boil them down to 8 distinct roles.  We then rated ourselves on a scale of 1-10 (1 worst, 10 best) on how we thought we were performing in each role, in the context of your values.  We plotted our ratings on Susan’s diagram, “Whole Life Review” – and then connected lines between each rating to get a visual representation of our current performance.  Seeing some roles ranked lower than others helps you determine which areas you can work on in your life, if you so choose.

Susan asked us to think about the following questions in the Whole Life Review exercise:
1. What do the results mean to me?
2. What do I see?
3. What do I want to change?

Our next task was to pick a role to focus on in 2012.  Ways to determine your focus:
1. If I could put one thing behind me once and for all… (related to a role)
2. Where do I want to have a breakthrough?
3. What have I been putting off?  What’s weighing me down?
4. Where do I want to have a stronger sense of satisfaction/accomplishment?

Our homework was to get specific about how to work on our focused role for next year: write a list of action items related to that role, tell your friends or family if you want someone to hold you accountable, or just keep a running list somewhere where you can revisit it every few months to track your own progress.

To view the Whole Life Review diagram and an example of a plotted diagram, click here: Whole Life Review.




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