Relish! Time. Food. Life.

20 Jan

Relish! founders Ann Bender and Karen Hutcherson gave us a great presentation on weekly menu planning, budgeting for groceries, and meal preparation for busy moms.  Their website allows you to create a weekly menu, which then populates your grocery list.  There are hundreds of recipes to choose from if you want to switch out one of their suggested menu items each week.  If your family eats a gluten-free menu, you can visit Relish’s partner, G-Free Cuisine.

In addition to the presentation, we were treated to several raffle items, including a KitchenAid slow cooker and free memberships to Relish!  If you would like to try out Relish! for 2 months, you may use the code “MOMTIME” on their website (click to “Redeem A Voucher” in the top left corner of their home page).

We feasted on a few Relish! recipes for breakfast at our meeting.  You can view the recipes here and try them at home:

1. Gooey Sunday Rolls
2. Slow Cooker Overnight Southwestern Brunch Bake
3. Stuffed French Toast

Here are a few tips that were shared by Ann and Karen, and MomTime attendees:

  • If your slow cooker does not have a built-in timer, plug it into a light switch timer to start and stop the slow cooker at the appropriate times.
  • Spray plastic containers with cooking spray to avoid stains from tomato-based sauces.
  • If you want to know whether your grocery store is having a good sale on certain items, visit – this site grades grocery deals so you can determine if it’s a good price for chicken or potatoes, or whatever items are on sale that week.

Below are the handouts that we received from Relish!:

  1. The basics of menu planning
  2. Learning to prep ahead of time
  3. Making meals for the freezer
  4. Using your slow cooker


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