Moms’ Night Out – Indian Cooking Night.

8 Feb

We had a record turnout for MNO in February when Miriam hosted an Indian cooking demonstration at her home!  Miriam taught us how to make two dishes from the South Indian state of Kerala: a shrimp curry and a stir-fried vegetable side dish.  You can download the recipes below.  Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures.

1. Shrimp curry
2. Stir fried cabbage

A note about where to find the specialty ingredients used in these recipes —

Bombay Bazaar, near the intersection of I-225 and Parker Road, is Miriam’s go-to Indian grocery store.  You can find fresh curry leaves and Thai chilies in their very small produce section on occasion – it’s best to call before you make the drive.  Miriam has had better luck on weekdays than weekends.  Bombay Bazaar also sells the black mustard seeds, Basmati rice, and frozen coconut you’ll need, plus a huge variety of Indian products.  It’s located next to Masalaa restaurant, which serves South Indian vegetarian food – a must-try if you haven’t had South Indian food!  Most Indian restaurants serve North Indian food which is quite different from South Indian cuisines.

You can buy dried curry leaves and black mustard seeds at Savory Spice Shop in the Lowry Town Center.  Thai chilies and frozen coconut can be found at Latin grocery stores (such as Rancho Liborio at Colfax and Havana) or Asian grocery stores (many on Federal Blvd).  If you cannot find Thai chilies, you can substitute serranos or jalapenos, though they won’t impart quite the same flavor.


One Response to “Moms’ Night Out – Indian Cooking Night.”

  1. tjduffy March 11, 2012 at 11:37 AM #

    Thanks again Miriam, that was a really inspiring night! You should do a cooking show 🙂

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