Hair and Makeup for Busy Moms.

2 Mar

What a fun session today learning hair and makeup tips from experts!

The wonderful team from Grand Salon gave us some good ideas and product recommendations for moms who don’t have time to wash and style everyday.  In fact, they are on a mission NOT to wash everyday because they say it’s better for your scalp and hair condition, not to mention it prolongs your hair color.  The ladies of Grand Salon are big fans of dirty hair, or “day 2 and day 3” hair as they call it.  They suggest washing it with shampoo every third day, and only using water to rinse it well or water and conditioner (on the ends only – avoid the scalp) on the days in between if needed.  Dry shampoo and hair powders are your friend for days 2 and 3.  These products help absorb oils and odors so that your hair doesn’t feel or look dirty.  As for hairstyles on the “off” days, putting your hair up or using a large barrel curling iron are great ways to camouflage bedhead.

The counter manager and assistant manager of Trish McEvoy inside Nordstrom Cherry Creek gave us a rundown of their skincare and makeup products.  They say using concealer under the eyes, and lid primer on the eyelids are a good way to keep your eye makeup in place all day.  They also said to start applying foundation in the center of the face (around the nose, cheeks, forehead) and blend outward, because many women don’t need foundation covering their entire face.  A quick tip to save time and product!

If you missed today’s session and would like to visit either Grand Salon or the Trish McEvoy counter, please ask Anna Clark for the names of the women who did the presentation today.  They would be very happy to see the MomTime ladies!  And to see more photos from today, visit our Facebook page.


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