Talking About Traditions.

30 Mar

It seems that mothers are the creators and carriers of traditions in families.  We explored this idea in a a casual, intimate discussion, covering traditions from our own childhoods and those that we’re starting for our children now.  Below are the questions we used to steer our conversation:

  1. What traditions do you have for celebrating specific holidays that bring meaning to them for you and your kids?  (MLK Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE)
  2. What type of traditions do you do to share and celebrate your faith with your kids?
  3. Do you have any weekly or monthly traditions/rituals/habits centered around food/dinners (e.g. pizza every Friday, Sunday pancake breakfast, popcorn and movie night)?
  4. Do you have any traditions/rituals that help/encourage your husband to spend more time with your kids or to rotate face time with each kid?
  5. What traditions did you celebrate as a child in your family that you want to continue with your children?
  6. Do you have any traditions for events like the first/last day of school, summer vacations, road trips, etc.?
  7. Do you celebrate any birthday traditions in your family? (e.g. birthday plate, birthday person gets to choose dinner out)
  8. Are there any traditions your kids have asked to start in your family?  How do you support your children’s interest in developing their own rituals/traditions?
  9. How do traditions fulfill you – and how do you prepare yourself if/when you have to miss out on them?
  10. Are there traditions that you’ve seen or heard of that you like or think would be fun to try?
  11. Do you have small, daily rituals that help to bring a sense of order, peace and happiness to the family routine?
  12. Do you talk to your children about traditions and why they are important?  How have your children responded to the introduction of tradition?  Do they take a role in carrying on traditions in your family?

We’d love to hear about your traditions in the comments section below!


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