Organizing Photos and Memories – Part 1.

3 Aug

As moms we’re often the keepers of memories for our families.  At our meeting today, MomTimers shared their tips and ideas on how to organize photos and document memories with/for our children. This post, Part 1, focuses on photo organization.  The next post, Part 2, focuses on memory-keeping.

Photo Organization:

Organizing photos begins with transferring them from your camera to your computer.  Create folders by month or event, such as “July 2012” or “Baby’s 1st Birthday” on your computer.  Take time each month to transfer your photos to the computer.  Be sure to back up your photos on a memory card, USB drive, or CD.  Photo-sharing websites will store your photos, but you never know when they might go under!

Resident MomTime photographer, Jaime Green, uploads her photos to Picasa (for basic photo editing) and Shutterfly (for prints and other products).  She also backs up all files on a Clip It USB drive.

Jaime likes to create photo books in Shutterfly that highlight her favorite shots from a particular event, and then clips the USB drive containing *all* the photos from that event to the book itself.  Another source for photo books is Picaboo.  For example, you can create your “Summer 2012 Adventures” book of 20 pages, and then store all 500 photos on the drive clipped to the book.  Genius!

MomTimers who like digital photo frames recommended Ceiva and Kodak Pulse.  These frames allow you to update photos remotely (via the product website or email), which makes them an excellent way to share photos with grandparents who live far away.

For example, Pam gave her parents a Kodak Pulse frame, and emails photos directly from her iPhone to the frame in Indiana.  Again, genius!

If you prefer to simply print your photos and create your own photo albums or scrapbooks, you can order prints from a multitude of sites.  Costco and Sam’s Club offer cheaper options, with no loss of quality.  You can upload your photos to the Costco Photo website, place your order, and pick them up an hour later… just enough time to get your shopping done!


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