Fall Kick-Off Announcements.

7 Sep

Announcements from the September 7 meeting…

Devotions: if you or anyone you know (mom, sister, pastor from another church, etc.) would like to do a devotion at the beginning of a MomTime meeting, please contact Leah Oliver.  We welcome different perspectives on motherhood, spirituality, religion, children, family life – anything that pertains to the themes we explore during MomTime.

MomTime Folders: folders were handed out at today’s meeting, but you can also pick one up next time on September 21.  If you need one sooner than that, please contact Anna Clark.  Folders contain information on MomTime social events, childcare, topics, and contact information for the Leadership Team.  All this information is also available here on the blog, with the exception of childcare details (for privacy/safety reasons).

Social Events: we have multiple social events outside of our regular MomTime meetings.  Moms’ Night Out, Fall Retreat, and the Christmas Party are all coming up this semester.  A few of our husbands have also started up their own “DadTime” social group – they met last night for the first time as a group for drinks.  Our next event is Moms’ Night Out next week (September 13). If you would like more information about social events please contact Kathy Price.

MomSpirit: this is a separate group not affiliated with MomTime, but a few members do overlap.  MomSpirit will meet on the Fridays that MomTime is not in session during the same time slot (Friday at 9:15am).  The group will focus on Christian-based topics surrounding spirituality, religion, parenting, etc.  There will be readings from scripture as well as from secular texts.  It will be facilitated by clergy from Montview Church. If you would like to join MomSpirit, please contact Kathy Price and/or Susan Bross.  Communications about this group have already started, and are being done via email.

Registration: please register and pay dues by the end of this month.  Send your questions to Anna Clark.


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