September 21 Announcements.

21 Sep

Thanks to Jen for sharing a wonderful blog post from Momma Zen for the devotion today.  Take time to mother yourselves!

Here are the announcements from today’s meeting:

Fall Service Project: Project PJ was started by our own Kim Hicks and we’re excited to contribute to her vision this year.  Project PJ collects new pajamas for kids aged 10-18 who live at Denver Children’s Home.  These abused and neglected children will receive our gifts of new pajamas to brighten their holiday at least for a moment.  More details on this service project will follow later this semester.

MomTime Bake Sale: the date hasn’t been finalized yet, but it will probably be the first weekend in December.  Proceeds will be split 50/50 with Denver Children’s Home (see above) and MomTime for our own programming costs, including scholarships.  Haley is organizing the bake sale.

Fall Retreat: Susan is going to send out an Evite soon for the MomTime Fall Retreat.  In years past we’ve rented a cabin in Fraser (near Winter Park) that sleeps 12.  If there are more people planning to attend this year, Susan will look into other accommodations.  The retreat is a time for us to just hang out – relax, talk, eat, hike, etc. We leave in the morning on October 20 and return in the afternoon on the 21st.  The cost is around $30-50 per person depending on how many spend the night, and we also go out for dinner that Saturday night.

Playgroups: Jenn, Heather and Kim are creating MomTime playgroups to encourage deeper relationships and more support for our MomTime friends.  If you would like to attend and host a playgroup, please contact them as follows – Heather for 0-18 months (2 playdates a month), Kim for 19 months to 3 years (2 playdates a month), and Jenn for 4 years and older (once a month).

Babysitting Co-op: Linda will be contacting interested moms about the co-op soon.  We swap babysitting hours using coins (tokens).  Some members use the co-op during the day, some for date nights, some at your house, others where you look after the kids in their own home – lots of variations!  If you would like to participate in this great co-op, please email Linda.

Meals for New Babies: MomTime member Alisa had her baby girl this week, so it’s time to set up a meal calendar.  Kathy will create the Care Calendar for us to sign up for meal dates.  If are not already on the MomTime listserv (Yahoo group), please email Kathy to let her know you’d like to pick a date to deliver a meal to Alisa.



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