Virtual Book List – Autumn.

26 Sep

Thanks to Paola for another thoughtful book list to inspire library trips this fall!

The age range is just a guide (based on reading levels and the format of the book) so parents should definitely page through the book and see if the book is a good match for their child’s interest and reading level.

Babies – 1+:
Leaves, David Ezra Stein
Age 2+:
The Busy Little Squirrel, Nancy Tafuri
Age 3+:
We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, Steve Metzger
Leaf Man, Lois Ehlert
Fletcher and the Fall Leaves, Julia Rawlinson
The Little Yellow Leaf, Carin Berger
Let it Fall, Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Apple Farmer Annie, Monica Wellington
Age 4+:
Every Autumn Comes the Bear, Jim Arnosky
Count Down to Fall, Fran Hawk
The Apple Pie Tree, Zoe Hall
Pumpkin Circle, The Story of a Garden, George Levenson
Age 5+:
Ten Apples Up on Top!, Theo LeSieg
From Seed to Pumpkin, Wendy Pfeffer
How Do Apples Grow, Besty Maestro
Age 5+:
Why Do Leaves Change Color, Betsy Maestro
Apples, Gail Gibbons
The Reasons for the Seasons, Gail Gibbons
The Pumpkin Book, Gail Gibbons

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