October 5th Announcements.

5 Oct

Montview pastor Sheri Fry shared a touching blog post from Momastery as her devotional today.  The core message is about choosing compassion instead of fear.

Registration and dues are due ASAP to Anna.  Please register here and mail in your check – Anna’s address is on the registration form.

Fall Retreat: Susan sent around a sign up sheet for those who are planning to attend the retreat on October 20 & 21.  If you would like to add your name to the list, please email Susan.  She will be sending out an Evite with details soon.

Meals for moms with new babies: There have been 3 new babies born to MomTimers in the past few weeks – congratulations to Alisa F, Leah G, and Julie F.  Please sign up to bring a meal to at least one of these mamas during this incredibly sleep-deprived time in their lives!  Kathy is coordinating the Care Calendars for all of them.

Playgroups: Heather will be sending out an email soon about playgroups based on the sign up sheet from last time.  If you would like to host or plan an outing (zoo, library, etc) please let Heather know.

Babysitting Co-op: Co-op members swap babysitting hours using coins (tokens).  Some members use it to run errands during the day, some for date nights, some at your house, others where you look after the kids in their own home – lots of variations!  If you would like to participate in this great co-op, please email Linda.

Dads’ Night Out: Linda’s husband has started a monthly dads’ night out for the men of MomTime. They have met twice – once for drinks at the Berkshire (Stapleton) and once for beer and pizza at Walter’s (Uptown). If your husband would like to join in their fun, please email Linda and she will pass on the info to her husband.

Project PJ: We will be collecting new pajamas in adult sizes S, M, L to give to needy teenagers at the Denver Children’s Home.  Haley will distribute a flyer for anyone who would like to collect PJs at their school, church, etc.  Bring all the donations to MomTime on November 30.


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