Announcements from 10/19

19 Oct

Here are the announcements from today’s meeting…

Dues: if you haven’t paid for this semester of MomTime, please get your checks to Anna Clark as soon as possible.  We’re now going on almost a month past due!  If you need a scholarship, you can ask Anna for the form.

Childcare: a BIG thank you to Sandy Prouty and the childcare ladies for providing such a great level of care for our children.  They have done a fabulous job of adjusting to our growing numbers.  As a reminder, please be sure to RSVP on the Evite by the Wednesday prior to a MomTime meeting so that Sandy can hire enough childcare staff.  When filling out your child’s name tag, please note your name in the top corner to help the childcare workers keep track of who belongs to whom!

Food Sign-ups: if you haven’t brought food to a MomTime meeting yet, please let Kathy Price know when you’d like to contribute.  She has the November sign-up already and will gladly accept offers for December too.  If breakfast food isn’t your thing, you also have an opportunity to share your culinary talents by bringing dinner to new moms.  There are currently three MomTimers who have had babies in recent weeks, so let’s help them out.  Kathy has links to all the Care Calendars if you need them again.

Christmas Party: mark your calendars for December 1 and book your babysitters!  Heather Weldon and her husband are hosting us at their home for the MomTime Christmas party.  This is a potluck, so keep an eye out for food and drink sign-ups at an upcoming meeting.  Susan Bross will send out an Evite closer to the date.


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