The Importance of Music and Art for Children.

19 Oct

Our talented panel focused on music instruction and art education, explaining why it is important to enrich children’s lives with these endeavors.  When children play musical instruments and sing, or when they draw and paint, they bring balance to their brains that are so accustomed to the structure of an academic classroom.

  • Alicia Rigsby: Children’s Music Academy – Master of Music degree in piano performance and music theory at Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Shana Kirk: Owner at Shana Kirk Piano Studio – Helped design and toured nationally in the Say Yes to Music program, an outreach program designed to foster interest in music participation among elementary school students
  • Lauren Jordan: Small Hands Art Studio – Master of Arts in Education degree, former Kindergarten teacher
  • Ansley Young: Owner at Small Hands Art Studio – B.A. in Art History, continued education in studio art classes over the last 15 years, and an affiliate teacher at the Denver Art Museum during the summer

Engaging in music and art teaches our children it’s OK to be imperfect – they didn’t hit the right notes or the horse in the picture looks more like a cat… how do they deal with that?  Music and art also teach our children different ways of learning and problem solving.  When your child brings you a picture they’ve created, comment on the color combinations or patterns you see, rather than saying, “What is it?”  Similarly when your child is singing or playing music and they are out of tune or not playing a piece correctly, encourage them to correct one mistake at a time and help them listen for higher and lower notes in recorded music.

The panelists shared lots of resources for us to explore music and art with our children in Denver.  Joining a choir is cheaper than private music lessons, and taking advantage of family programs at the Art Museum is more affordable than taking art classes or buying all the supplies you need to do it at home.  You can find information on their websites and below:

These are some of Shana Kirk’s recommendations for music to listen to with your kids:

You can find more of Shana’s reviews on Common Sense Media.


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