How Pregnancy Changed Your Body.

2 Nov

We heard from two experts in the area of pregnancy and women’s health in today’s meeting.  We have all experienced changes in our bodies (not just the usual weight gain) after gestating tiny humans, so it was fascinating to hear more about the physiological changes that can be addressed through massage and physical therapy.

Wendy Correa is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeed Counselor, CPR Instructor and Doula (labor support). She has training in hypnosis for childbirth and is a contributing writer for Mothering Magazine.  Wendy led us through a guided meditation that focused on each of us holding an image or feeling in our minds that makes us feel happy or at peace – it could be an image of your beloved pet, your child, a memory from a special day, etc.

Nicole (Nikki) Dority DPT, MSPT, OCS is a certified neuromuscular massage therapist and a Polestar certified Pilates Rehab professional and integrates both disciplines into her clinical practice.  She specializes in orthopedics, women’s heath, and postpartum.  Nikki spent a lot of time talking about physiological changes during and after pregnancy, especially those in our core and pelvic muscles.  Often at our 6-week postpartum check up with an OB or midwife, as long as everything looks normal we’re given a clean bill of health and told to go on our way.  As a PT Nikki sees many disorders that could be addressed soon after having a baby, but there does not seem to be much attention paid by OBs to physiological changes unless they are causing medical problems.

The obliques and transverse abdominal muscles are like a girdle that hold our hips and many of our other muscles in alignment. When they are stretched out during pregnancy it can affect our muscles after having babies, leading to diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles) or pain in the hips and back.  Nikki also talked about pelvic floor disorders and incontinence and encouraged everyone to do kegels everyday.  Her general prescription is 10 sets of kegels 5 times a day.  Get started ladies!

If you could benefit from the services provided by either of our speakers today, please click on their names above to link to their websites.  Wendy can ease muscle pain through her massages, and Nikki can rehabilitate misaligned muscles or pelvic floor disorders.  Take advantage of their expertise and resources to get your bodies back to where they should be!


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