Social Skills and Asset Building.

12 Nov

Join us this Friday for MomTime! The topic will be: “Social Skills and Asset Building for Kids.”  The speaker will be MomTime’s own Haley Figueroa, LCSW.  Haley has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver.  As a school social worker, her focus has been working with children’s mental health, behavior support and social emotional learning.  She is also adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver.  She will share her thoughts on helping children to develop empathy, promoting internal assets & building social skills.

Haley will be bringing some children’s books that she has found to be helpful in developing social skills and character building.  Please feel free to bring along books you have enjoyed with your children, so we can build a bigger library together.


Reminder… Our MomTime Service Project is to provide PJs to all of the children (ages 10-18) living at the Denver Children’s Home.   We hope to collect the PJs at the November 30th meeting.  If you can help with buying PJs, that would be terrific!


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