Children’s Social Emotional Needs.

16 Nov

MomTime member Haley Figueroa, LCSW gave us an insightful presentation today addressing children’s social emotional needs and building empathy.  Haley has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver.  As a school social worker, her focus has been working with children’s mental health, behavior support and social emotional learning.  She is also adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver.  She shared her thoughts on helping children to develop empathy, promoting internal assets & building social skills.

Haley noted that you can’t change children’s behaviors until you change their perceptions, particularly about themselves.  Every child has a gift (“multiple intelligences”), but they might be hidden.  Helping children express their feelings allows them to find those gifts.

Haley’s presentation can be downloaded here: Social Emotional Needs & Building Empathy

Haley also put together hundreds of book recommendations to read with your children to help them identify and express their feelings.  Click on “Virtual Book Lists” under Categories, in the right-hand menu on this blog.

For further reading, you can check out the following books which Haley referenced in her presentation:

  1. Raising Self Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World (Glenn/Nelsen)
  2. Mindset (Dweck)
  3. Multiple Intelligences (Gardner)

For more information, please email Haley at


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