Project PJ and Denver Children’s Home.

30 Nov

Project PJ was started by MomTime’s own Kim Hicks last year.  She wanted to teach her kids about serving children less fortunate than them. The Hicks’ tradition is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so Kim thought it would be a special treat for needy children to receive their own new pajamas.  Project PJ extends this tradition to the kids at Denver Children’s Home.

MomTime gathered numerous boxes of pajamas for the kids at DCH. We had fun today sorting the donations, and some of the older kids from childcare made ornaments to give the residents at DCH.  You can see pictures on our Facebook page.

To learn more about the home and this organization that is well over 100 years old, you can view the video below and visit their website:


MomTime member Molly Jaques was a counselor at Denver Children’s Home for 4 years and shared some of her experiences there.  When social workers determine that a child is not safe in their home, they can send them into the foster care system or to a home such as Denver Children’s Home.  DCH is particularly important because some foster families are reluctant to take “troubled teens”, so DCH becomes a haven for children aged 10-18 who have no other options for a safe and nurturing place to live.  Molly talked about how some kids arrive at DCH with a paper bag or garbage bag of belongings. They are usually lacking basics like socks, underwear – pajamas would be a luxury for these kids.

Thank you to everyone who donated PJs!  Kim will continue to collect PJs at her home for a few more weeks, so if you missed bringing your donation to MomTime today, please contact Kim:



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