Bake Sale Success.

11 Dec

Here is a message from Haley:

Thank you so much for baking for our bake sale today.  Members of Montview Church generously donated to our sale and bought nearly all the goodies that we made!  Thanks to all of you we raised $900 which will be split between MomTime scholarships and a donation to The Denver Children’s Home.
I’ve been thinking so much about what Cindy Cearley said on Friday that one way to nurture our spiritual selves as moms is to do something for someone else (besides our own children).  With the cash donation and the 80 new pairs of PJs going to DCH, we have done something wonderful!  A special thanks to the ladies that volunteered for the bake sale, we all left feeling a bit renewed.
I’m grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of women.  Happy Holidays to all of you!


You can find more pictures on our Facebook page.


One Response to “Bake Sale Success.”

  1. Kim Hicks December 12, 2012 at 5:23 PM #

    Thank you all SO much for your support for Project PJ… I made a delivery last week just from your collections and had around 80 pairs of PJ’s! So exciting. The money made at the bake sale is going to go directly to the needs of the kids- they have a fund for when they are low on socks or underwear or basic supplies for the kids living there so that money will be put to good use!

    I hope everyone has a fun holiday season and I look forward to next semester! Thanks again!

    🙂 Kim

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