Fueling for Fitness.

18 Jan

Many of us set goals to get healthier in the new year, so today’s speaker was perfect.  Tracy Stevens is a Nutrition Counselor and Health Coach, and owner of Intuity Wellness.  Her training exposed her to dietary theories.  Today Tracy shared nuggets from those theories and lifestyles that she has seen bring positive results to her own family and to her clients.

Tracy believes in eating whole, clean (unprocessed) foods as much as possible.  We all know that protein powder is supposed to be a good addition to a healthy fruit smoothie, for example, but Tracy helped us understand why hemp protein, which undergoes minimal processing, can be better for our bodies than soy protein, which is highly processed.

One of Tracy’s strategies for better health that all of us can easily add to our daily routines is drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning.  Tracy’s presentation showed a vase of wilted flowers, which is what our bodies feel like inside after sleeping for (ideally) 8 hours.  A glass of water is just what we need to start off on the right foot, even before your routine cup of tea or coffee!

For a summary of Tracy’s presentation with specifics on eating before and after your workouts, you can download her handout: Fueling for Fitness Summary.

Tracy also shared her “Energy Bites” recipe, which is similar to a Larabar: Energy Bites Recipe.

If you would like to contact Tracy for a free nutrition consultation, you can email her (tracy@pantryrx.com) or visit her website: http://www.intuitywellness.com/


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