Safe Passage – Camino Seguro.

15 Mar

We kicked off our Spring Service Project today hearing from a volunteer with Safe Passage.  Safe Passage operates a school that provides education and social services to Guatemala’s poorest children – those who would otherwise be sifting and salvaging garbage all day in Guatemala City’s dump.  Approximately 550 children get education and support services and their parents have the opportunity to learn and read as well as a results of Safe Passage’s efforts.  This spring we are focusing our efforts on collection NEW socks (2T+) and lice treatments to send to Guatemala.

Kelly Hogeland is a teacher from Fort Collins who is leading a group of volunteers in a trip to Guatemala this summer.  She and her group will take our donations with them to deliver to Safe Passage.  Kelly and her fellow volunteers will spend a week in Guatemala supporting Safe Passage programs, and they will also bring teacher training materials to the classrooms.  Kelly shared stories of her son’s experience living in Guatemala.  He lives next to the Safe Passage school and is involved with the organization.

You can learn more about Safe Passage on their website:

And through this short documentary:

It is heartbreaking to see the conditions in which these poor children live.  MomTime is proud to be a supporter of Safe Passage.  We know that your donations will make a difference!  Please bring socks and/or lice shampoo to upcoming MomTime meetings, or drop them off to Martina or Kim‘s homes in Stapleton. You may also contact them with any questions.


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