Children’s Reading and Math Literacy.

5 Apr

Our panel today featured MomTime’s own Linda Beardsley, and literacy experts Meghan Colasanti and Karmin Braun of Mathletes & Bookworms.

They talked about incorporating reading into everyday routines, including reading stories, recipes, non-fiction topics, menus, signs, and maps.  For example when at the zoo, encourage your children to read the signs and use a zoo map.  Meghan created a photobook for her preschooler that is an alphabet book using photos of people her daughter knows, such as “M for mom” and “G for grandpa”.  When reading with your kids (or when they start reading on their own) you can enrich the experience for them by creating crafts or snacks in theme with the book.  There are examples of this on Meghan and Karmin’s website, such as banana and strawberry snacks made to look like The Cat in the Hat.

Linda referenced two resources she has found useful:
The Read Aloud Handbook
Raising Life-Long Learners

To download Linda’s summary of key points from these books, click here: Read-Aloud Notes for MomTime Blog

If you are interested in private or group tutoring, visit the Mathletes & Bookworms website:


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