School Choice: Why the Right Fit Matters.

6 Sep

We heard from former MomTime member Laura Barr today about school choice and finding the right fit for your child and your family.

Laura Barr, M.ed., is the Owner/Founder, e.Merging Educational Consulting. This group provides consultant-based educational and parenting guidance, and specializes in placing children in school settings that align with both their individual learning styles and the family’s values and goals.  More about e.Merging:

Choosing the right school starts with identifying your family’s core values, then finding a school that aligns with your values.  Your core values can be anything from “walking to school is important” to “I want my children to learn about giving back to society.”

Laura jotted down these notes on her flip-chart:

  1. Create your own happiness.
  2. Create a village.
  3. Praise (externally motivated) vs. encouragement (self-motivated).
  4. Choose gratitude, forgiveness, and optimism.
  5. Nurture EQ (emotional).
  6. Form happiness habits.
  7. Teach self-control.
  8. Enjoy the present.
  9. Rig your environment for happiness.
  10. Eat dinner together.

Stability in a child’s life is dependent on 3 factors: the child, the home/school environment, and the parent/advocate.  You cannot rely on only one leg for happiness and stability.

How to be an advocate for your child:

  • it’s easier to do when you are aligned with the school’s culture/values
  • sometimes playing dumb can help – “Help me understand…”, “I was wondering if you could explain…”, “How can I help/volunteer…”
  • teach kids to advocate for themselves (in developmentally appropriate ways), such as guiding your kindergartener through a conversation with his/her teacher, rather than doing the talking FOR your child.
  • know what is happening in the classroom and know the curriculum.  Talk to your child’s teacher/principal and volunteer in the classroom to really understand what happens there.


After the meeting, Laura emailed us at MomTime to pass on these links, saying that she is “committed to being a resource … and [is]  really proud of [the e-merging] page”

 Laura’s resources:   (Inclues articles that are cutting edge in the world of education, advocacy and parenting)   (Includes dates/articles and events around school choice, advocacy and parenting)

One Response to “School Choice: Why the Right Fit Matters.”

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