September 6 Announcements.

6 Sep

Announcements from today’s meeting.  Click the highlighted names to email Leadership Team members for more information.

  • MomTime folders – leadership team contact information, the social events calendar, and valuable information about childcare, etc. Get one from Anna at the next meeting, or contact her to pick one up.
  • Lunch Bunch – a new meetup starting this month.  Lunch Bunch is for moms-only… maybe your kids are in school now, or you want to schedule a babysitter for a midday break sometimes.  Meets the 4th Monday of each month at noon.  Linda will send out Evites to the MomTime mailing list.
  • Moms’ Night Out – we will be going to Margs in Cherry Creek next Thursday, September 12 at 7pm.  Please RSVP on the Evite or contact Kathy if you haven’t received it.
  • Dads’ Night Out – created and managed by dads of MomTime!  If your husband wants to join this group for monthly gatherings, email Linda’s husband, Chris, directly.
  • PlaygroupsCasey will organize a gathering twice a month.  Please contact her if you would like to host one at your home or elsewhere (zoo, museum, library, etc).
  • Babysitting Co-op – members swap babysitting hours and keep track using tokens.  There is a separate Yahoo Group and mailing list for members of the co-op.  Ranges from babies to school-aged children, anything from an hour to overnight!  If you would like to join, contact Linda.
  • Fall Retreat – October 26-27 in Fraser, CO.  Heather will send out more details soon.

If you are not on the MomTime Yahoo Group (listserv/mailing list) please email


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