Makeovers With Thrift.

4 Oct

Today’s session was led by former First Lady of Colorado Frances W. Owens, who currently serves as the Community Relations Director for ARC Thrift Stores (pictured left) and Barb Tobias, America’s Thrift Talk Diva (pictured right).

The Leadership Team first heard of this dynamic team after reading about how they transformed a condo for under $1000:

This photo is the “after” photo – every single item from furniture to decor to artwork was all bought at an ARC Thrift Store.

Frances gave us an insider’s tip and shared that she finds the best merchandise at the ARC locations at Quebec & Iliff (near the Dumb Friends League), Bowles & Wadsworth (in Littleton), and Colfax & Pierce (in Lakewood).

Barb shops at thrift stores all over the metro area, from ARC and Goodwill, to higher-end consignment stores.  She also has an annual garage sale to purge items she no longer loves, and uses the money from her sale to buy new items for her home and wardrobe.  To view Barb’s full presentation, you can download it here: Makeovers That Don’t Break the Bank.  There are lots of photos of her thrift finds, plus more before and after photos of the ARC president’s condo.



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