Spiritual Guide to Well-Being for Busy Moms.

1 Nov

Our speaker today is a clinical psychologist, accomplished speaker, and a published author.  Dr. Lisa Richards changed her spiritual and emotional focus towards “creating Heaven on Earth” after a cherished family member passed away.

“When you consistently live out of heaven on earth, creating what you want becomes easy and effortless. Your negative judgment of others subsides, and you view all events as coming into your life for a reason, and recognize that a higher purpose exits. You begin to consistently experience bliss.”

Dr. Richards’ rubrics for creating your own bliss in everyday life:

  1. Reduce negative judgement.
  2. Reduce your resistance to negative events.
  3. It doesn’t matter what you do; what matters is how you feel doing it.

Dr. Richards’ book recommendations on this topic:

Lisa Richards is a talented humorist who co-authored The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach (under her former name Lisa Perry).  You can read some funny excerpts on the Amazon link, and learn more on the book’s website.  Watch this short video interview of the two authors for a taste!


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