Raising Globally Aware Citizens.

15 Nov
Reverend Sheri Fry, Associate Pastor at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church started off today’s meeting asking “How do we raise a Global Citizen?”.  Below are some ideas we brainstormed about what a globally aware kid looks like:
  1. Knows other people than themselves – self aware of the world around them
  2. Environmental limited resources (running water, lights, etc)
  3. Sense of privilege
  4. Can recognize differences in people/culture
  5. Model behavior
We then watched a TED Talks video about Chimamanda Adichie, who is a globally aware citizen, having been born and raised in Nigeria and later settling in the United States.
Sheri also shared a video about 3 American college students going to Uganda and being so touched by an orphanage that had over 160 kids living in two rooms.  The video is about these girls and how they built a school and an orphanage out of nothing.

Creating Sunshine: The Founding Of Musana Children’s Home in Iganga, Uganda from Andrea Sherrodd on Vimeo. (click title to view)

Ideas discussed regarding how we and our children can become more aware of the outside world:
  • Experiences
  • Place mats of different places – discussion topics at dinner
  • World map (same as above)
  • Library
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Holidays – different traditions and cultures
  • clothing – dress up for different cultures etc.
Sheri closed with a copy of Solitude and Leadership which was a speech delivered at the US Military Academy at West Point in October 2010.
She says it’s a must-read, especially for parents with older children.

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