Fall 2013 Service Project Update – Books Needed.

5 Dec

Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to help the Greater Park Hill Community Food Pantry this semester.  We have donated food and volunteered at the Pantry, but our work is not quite over yet!  The final piece of our service project is to donate books to the Pantry.  When families in need come to the Pantry, they are given the opportunity to take a few books home with them – some just to read, others to wrap up as gifts for their children. 

Please consider donating a few books to the GPHC Food Pantry during this month when they will be busy providing services to needy families.  You can donate gently used books (get your kids to pick a few off their own shelves!) or new if you prefer to buy your favorite titles to share.  The Pantry would love to offer everything from baby/toddler books up to adult books, fiction or nonfiction, as their clients are anywhere from newborn to elderly.

Bring your donations to our last meeting of the semester (December 6), drop them off at Molly Jaques’ house in Stapleton, or take them directly to the GPHC Food Pantry at 28th and Fairfax (just let Robyn know you’re part of MomTime).  Thank you for your help this semester!


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