A Taste of The Daring Way.

21 Mar

Jenn Peppers is a Professional Certified Coach and Daring Way Facilitator who gave us a taste of Dr. Brene Brown’s research and work.

Dr. Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, has been featured on national media and rose to fame in 2010 after her TED talk on vulnerability.  She followed up with another TED talk on shame, that resonated with thousands of people. You may remember hearing about Brene Brown this time last year in MomTime during the morning inspiration.

The Power of Vulnerability:

Listening to Shame:

Dr. Brown has developed a coaching method called The Daring Way, which encourages people to develop shame resiliency.

This morning Jenn led us through an exercise in shame by asking us to write down the answer to this question: “As a mom, I am too _________.” We posted our sticky notes on a board and read the responses.  Words like impatient, critical, and controlling jumped out at us.  We are hard on ourselves, but we all learned that we are not alone in our feelings.

We discussed the following questions in small groups after writing down our own answers:

1. As a mom, in what ways or under what circumstances are you most likely to question whether or not you are enough or too much?
2. How do you want to show up and be seen as a mom?
3. What does it mean for you to dare greatly as a mom?
4. In what ways as a mom are you choosing comfort? Courage?
5. What permission do you need to give yourself as a mom?
6. What help do you need? From whom?
7. Are you willing to ask for help?

A mom with 33 years of experience shared her answer to daring greatly as a mom: “Let go and don’t lose yourself.”

Today’s session was just the tip of the iceberg on a fascinating topic that we can all relate to.  If you are interested in reading Dr. Brown’s book Daring Greatly and meeting twice a month to discuss it, email Jenn Nutter who is organizing the book club.

Jenn Peppers is hosting a one-day workshop on The Daring Way on April 12.  She also leads small groups through an eight-week course on The Daring Way, so if you would like to join one of her courses (perhaps with other MomTimers?) please visit Jenn’s website, Verge Coaching, to contact her.


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