Love Languages for Families.

5 Sep

What’s your love language?  Do you know your spouse’s?  Can you guess your child’s?

You can take the online tests to find out your love language, and then retake the tests thinking as your spouse or child to estimate their love languages too:

Meredith Wakelyn, LCSW, walked us through discerning the different love languages that exist in our families, and gave us examples of how to speak other languages in order to connect deeply with our spouses and children.  Your primary love language may not have an impact on your spouse or children if they speak different languages.  Figuring out theirs means you can learn how to communicate your love for them in a way that is meaningful to them.

For example if your child’s primary love language is Words of Affirmation, they will feel special and the most loved by you when you pay them compliments or verbally reinforce positive behavior. Conversely, they will feel wounded when you use a harsh tone with them.

Most of the handouts that Meredith shared today can be found on the 5 Love Languages website.

If you’re looking for parenting or personal support, reach out to Meredith who runs a private counseling practice.  She is a mom of two and understands the challenges that many of us face!


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