Cellphone Photography.

3 Oct

We learned about the basics of cellphone photography and picked up some cool tips and tricks.  Husband & wife team James Dewhirst and Loredana Gaudiuso are professional photographers who love their fancy cameras and lenses, but they are also just like the rest of us and use their cell phones to capture everyday moments.

To view James’ full presentation, click here: cellphone photography

The iPhone/Android apps that James recommends are:

  • Snapseed (photo editing – color, contrast, etc.)
  • Instagram (filters, sharing)
  • Rhonna (filters, stickers, text)
  • Clip Crop (scrapbooking elements – stickers, text, frames)
  • Hyperlapse (time lapse photos/videos)
  • Mosaic ($25 photo books of 20 images, uploaded directly from your phone to the app)
  • mpix (order prints directly from your phone)
  • Dropbox (transfer photos from phone to computer even when you can’t plug in)

Lore had some quick tips for capturing children on camera:

  • Go outdoors for the best lighting.
  • In low-light situations, use the flashlight from another phone to add ambient light, then snap the photo on your own camera phone.  This technique avoids that ultra-bright, washed out look that flash photography can sometimes give.
  • When shooting pictures outside, keep your subjects (kids, friends) in the shade.  If there is too much harsh sun coming directly at you, use your hand to shade the lens of your camera phone.  It’s OK for you to be in the sun while shooting a photo of subjects in the shade.
  • When shooting pictures indoors, move your subjects close to a window to take advantage of natural light.  This will also give your subjects interesting shadows on their faces.

James and Lore have been in the professional photography business since 2004.  They met and studied photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  Loredana specializes in taking photos of infants, children and families and James specializes in educational and corporate photography.  James also teaches photography at a few colleges in the metro area.  When possible James and Lore also enjoy photographing weddings as a team.  They live in Denver and have a young daughter.  You can view their work at:

James is available to teach small group photography classes.  Please contact him if you’re interested!


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