Healthy Sleep for Infants and Toddlers.

27 Oct
Join us this Friday as we learn about the development and support of healthy sleep for our youngest family members!  Please RSVP by Wednesday on the Evite.
Sleep is complex and unique to every family. With so much conflicting information out there on infant and toddler sleep, many parents are left confused. By gaining an understanding of sleep development and biological sleep needs, a parent will be better able to listen to their intuition in supporting good sleep for the entire family. Patience Bleskan will walk parents through the major factors that impact sleep, normal sleep development, cultural impacts on sleep expectations, and finding solutions to sleep issues. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.
Patience Bleskan, MA founded Patience Parenting Services,LLC in 2003 and is the Co-Founder of The Family Room, a community center for families with young children. She has worked with families with young children for close to 20 years. Patience has spent the majority of her life learning to better understand how children learn, and how adults, teachers and parents, affect who children become. As the mother of 4, she supports parents with both a personal and professional perspective. She has had her own experiences with postpartum depression, loss of community and balancing a career with raising a family. These experiences and her passion for helping others understand children is what drives her life. Over the last 10 years Patience has become a leading expert on infant and early childhood sleep. She has supported hundreds of families around the country through her classes, groups and consultations. Patience approaches sleep by combining information from four major bodies of knowledge: Biology, Anthropology, Current Research and Motherhood. You can learn more about her philosophies on sleep on her website at

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