Dr. Deb Efird’s presents “How Do You Know When It’s Time to Call the Doc or Visit the ER”

20 Feb

February 20, 15

Mom Time member and University of Colorado Pediatrician, Deb Efird, MD gave a talk today on how to recognize when to contact your doctor and when to visit the emergency department in case of illness or accident.  She reviewed the different levels of care available in various health care settings: physician offices, urgent care centers, and hospital emergency centers.  Dr. Deb advises getting to know one’s care-provider and the services offered in triage situations. Most pediatrician practices have a nurse triaging parental calls, but not all. Some doctor’s offices are equipped with radiography, for example, and others not.  It is a good idea to develop a relationship and to find a good “fit” with the provider. It is always ok to call when concerned; the take-home message being to trust one’s parental instinct.

Dr Deb introduced the group to ChildrensMD, a free iPhone and Android app designed to answer parent’s questions about the 100 most common childhood symptoms.  This service is on-call 24/7: evenings, weekend, while on vacation, at work, or when the office is closed.


As listed in the above flyer, more information can be found, www.SelfCare.info.

We enjoyed an entertaining ice-breaker activity during which we all shared personal or parental trips to the ER.  Tanya Duffy gave a devotional by reading a piece written by life coach Larry Strauss emphasizing being present in the moment.  IMG_3870


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