Spring Service Project

23 Apr

This semester MomTime is supporting the efforts of Babies of Juarez by collecting formula and diapers. Formula can be powdered, premixed, freebies from the pediatrician’s office, purchased at the store, name-brand, generic, even expired! Diapers can be in various sizes, name-brand, generic, samples, or full boxes.

Why are we collecting these items? The Babies of Juarez organization distributes to women and children in need, who without donations, would spot-clean and reuse a single diaper for up to a week because they can’t afford to buy more; or would succumb to the high infant mortality rate due to malnutrition.

Read more on their website: http://babiesofjuarez.org/

A representative from their organization will come to MomTime on May 1 to tell us more about their efforts in Juarez and to collect the supplies donated by our members. In the meantime, please start stockpiling any samples you receive and/or buy some formula and diapers to bring in May.

If you have any questions, please contact our Service Project Coordinator, Francine Mugge.


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