Jamie Morgan On: Courageous Conversations About Race

18 May

Jamie Morgan, Principal of Morgan & Rushton Consulting, joined us May 15 to discuss the book, Courageous Conversations about Race, by Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton. The subtitle for the discussion was “Confronting Our Biases: Why it Matters and Tips for Challenging Implicit Assumptions.” Jamie used an interactive style to engage the group, moving through exploratory conversations on the important topic.  She notes that these conversations often become charged.  Using storytelling and experiential activities, she had participants move around the room to illustrate where one stands on a given, sometimes provocative statement.  Jamie has way of connecting and getting people to open up.


At the end of a thoughtful and animated talk, she shared slides of her presentation with the group. She explored John Powell’s ideas on the origins of implicit bias. Some reasons she listed why white people avoid talking about race are

1) Fear:  of confronting one’s own internal biases, stereotypes and prejudgment, fear of confronting one’s own guilt and ignorance about others, and fear of introducing a difficult discussion to children

2) Denial: it may be easier to emphasize unity and color-blindness

3) Naivete: a belief that we live in a post-racial society

4) Privilege: the belief that such discussions on race are unnecessary in the context of raising their children.

The dedication for the day was given by Casey Stringham. Casey’s last MomTime meeting was kicked off with a joyous dance around the room, led by the Casey herself.  It was a delightful way to loosen up and enjoy our time together.  Casey, you will be missed!  Bon voyage and good luck to you and your family.


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