Kick-Off Session: “Getting Our Sexy Back”

21 Sep

MomTime Fall 2015 is off and running!

Sage Hobbs, Life Coach, spoke about the importance and the ‘how to’s’ of keeping one’s mojo alive and well.

Sage started her presentation by sharing a turning point in her own life. She described feeling swallowed whole by career and caregiving roles so embarked on a new path that would help people, mothers in particular, stay vital in their passions.  She describes the concept of ‘Sexy’ as a huge one that is different for each person. She uses terms like energy, passion, confidence, even life-force interchangeably, all the while stressing that ‘Sexy’ is a dynamic state, that will change over time.

Sage stressed the importance of tending to one’s soul, sensuality, and sexuality improves not only personal fulfillment and happiness, but that it affects our families tremendously.  She says that when we inventory our top priorities, a starting point in the process, many of us put our families as a top priority.  Repeatedly, she stressed that mothers are a huge part of the family.  If we can learn to tend to our own creativity and sexiness, by way of nurturing our passions, our partners and children will benefit.  Kids miss out when their parent’s sense of fun and self are depleted.  There is a huge benefit to modeling self-care to our loved ones.  In parenting, children look to their caregivers to show them the way, not to simply say it. She notes, that teens are especially astute at ferreting out hypocrisy.  It is up to us to model the self-care/mojo-preservation, so that they may value their own sense of fulfillment and fun.

During the session, she pointed out the value to our children of doing the work to boost our vitality.  We also were challenged to think about the costs of not nurturing ourselves. Do you want your child to be:

  • Independent?
  • Enjoy healthy relationships?
  • Be able to experience pleasure and intimacy?

It is up to us to show them the way.  These are good reasons to nurture one’s own confidence and sexiness.  Not to mention the pure fun of making time to do things we love. There are many a clean and organized underwear drawers out there this week!  She suggested a nice starting point to reap immediate energizing-the-mojo work is to clean out that drawer that harbors old, ill-fitting, even ugly under-garments.  I know a mom who puts all kinds of stuff she can’t figure where else to place it.  Not sexy.  More than a few moms in attendance shared how fun it is to buy new, pretty things for ourselves. Next, you can expand to the whole bedroom.

Life is Now: Right here, Right now. This body, This person. 


Check out Sage’s Coaching website to learn more.

Heather Weldon, this year’s MomTime Coordinator, led the session by sharing a piece apropos to the whole year of planned MomTime called ” I Miss the Village” by Bunmi Laditan, originally published in the Huffington Post.



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