If Not You, Who?

9 Nov


The founders of the website If Not You, Who?, a free website providing a bounty of educational activities for children, Debi Dutton, Elissa Sungar and Carly Partridge led us in activities and games October 30th.

The website is geared toward caregivers of kids in the early childhood years, specifically 3-6 year- olds, but many of the activities can be tailored for younger or older kids.  The site is set up as a resource for adults to access for ideas for learning using common household items. It is replete with opportunities to play, the primary way children learn, and to interact.  The activities focus on 5 main areas of exploration: Language, Math & Science, Problem solving, and Social skills development.  Parents can search the site based on play type, time available, group or individual with caregiver-style play.

Debi, mother and inspiration to Elissa and Carly, co-founders of the site, demonstrated how a game with a beach ball could be used to develop all five target skills.  Using a sharpie marker, she had written numbers around the sphere.  She tossed the ball around to MomTime participants showing each skill is covered, for example: ” Which number is closest to your left thumb?  Add that number to the number closest to your right index finger.”  This game can be modified either using letters to encourage literacy or for various ages with various skills.

Elissa runs the website and blogs frequently on childhood education at Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas and HuffPost Parent site.  Carly is an educator at Aspen Academy in Greenwood Village.  Debi is a retired teacher and former column author who hosted a weekly television spot showcasing 3 to 4 activities, in her native Wisconsin.

In addition to being a free website, the philosophy is to encourages interactive play. Teachers and caregivers can use the ideas, as well.  A link to Google-translate encourages families from a wide spectrum of caregivers to utilize these stimulating and fun ideas. A beautiful aspect of the site is that the materials are readily available and affordable.  What a wonderful resource!

Check out the site If Not You, Who?


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