Styling Your Husband, for the Holidays and Beyond

22 Nov

Our own Carmen Mix, J. Hilburn Custom Menswear Stylist and former owner of a boutique stationary store among many other things,  presented tips and tricks on how to dress up your spouse.  She stresses that guys ” don’t need a lot of items, just the right items” in the closet. She reviewed information on fit and ideas to dress up a look.


Carmen reviewed the correct method to select proper fit.  For chest size, measure the circumference of the chest to determine the jacket size.  Normally there is a 6 inch drop between waist and hip in all off-the-rack pants.  Shirt length is important in dressing up or down a look.  Untucked shirts are stylish if the tail hangs two inches above the bottom of the zipper.  Dress shirts are usually at or below the bottom of the zipper. Other notable tips: charcoal pants go with everything, undershirts are not to be seen. Also, multiple patterns may be paired if 2 patterns per one solid are at play:  for example a patterned shirt with a solid tie, then a pattern jacket, OR, a solid shirt, patterned jacket and tie.

Check here to see the slides Styling your guy for the Holidays and Beyond for more details on styling tips.  Happy dressing for the holidays and every day!


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