Why Am I Toxic?

4 Dec

IIN pic

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Jill Eleson, AADP, presented a presentation on how to rid ourselves of toxins enabling each of us to live our most vibrant selves.

Jill’s discussion outlined the common problems that suggest a build-up of toxicity: feeling tired regularly, struggling with digestive issues, persistent skin problems, poor sleep quality, difficulty losing weight.  These issues can be alleviated by holistic practices that can leave you feeling like a whole new person.

Although highlighting the presence of “2 brains”- the gut brain is often overlooked; Jill has a program ” Live Healthy Beyond Vegetables” that includes fun ways to address inflammatory processes in our bodies and toxins in the world around us. Key factors include getting enough sleep, drinking ample water, spiritual hygiene ideas like fostering appreciation and gratitude.  Other things we can do to decrease toxicity are to prioritize “me” time, try a periodic cleansing regime, eat mostly vegetables and nutrient rich foods, decrease stress with essential oils, decrease sugar intake, and increase intake of probiotics.

Also, check out her Wholelistically Nourished.

Click here to view her presentation: Why-Am-I-Toxic_share


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