Developing ‘CORE’ Confidence by Dr Melissa Gressner, PsyD

19 Jan

Melissa Gressner, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, kicked off the new fall session with a presentation on the importance ‘CORE’confidence for ourselves.20160115_110729We can model the benefits of strong self-worth for our children.  Melissa used the CORE acronym to open up the topic of confidence building.  CORE represents: Create realistic, positive thinking, Orient to the internal self as opposed to the external world, Reconnect with mind/body/ soul and Excel is to practice these principals until automatic.

She stressed the importance of starting this kind of work with a thoughtful assessment of “the why” to explore our motives.  When one is purposeful or intentional in the effort, success in building confidence is more assured.  Melissa got the group to contribute ideas that motivate our actions.

Confidence is many things: a belief that things will be okay, that “I am enough” that what one does aligns with one’s authentic self, that the self is nurtured by deep reserves, that feeling of being at home in one’s skin, not caring so much what others think, and that we are ‘works in progress’ were ideas elicited by the group.

The talk was full of examples to illustrate the usefulness of the CORE tool in building self-worth.  A favorite success story Melissa shared was about a client’s effort to improve her body image.  By creating a mantra (hers was ” I am made in the image of God. I am beautiful”), setting her sights on internal change (framing her self-talk), reconnecting with a sense of self (what resonates in order to help her feel herself again, for example, running, not yoga, brings her joy), and excelling- putting into practice the process-she was able to make great progress in feeling whole about her body.

To learn more, visit Dr Melissa Gressner’s website.


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