Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Demystified by Amber Hollis

29 Jan

Amber L. Hollis, L. Ac, Dipl.OM, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner from the Vitality Center presented an introduction on the ancient, curative and preventative tradition.


Traditional Chinese Medicine or “TCM”, is a functional approach to health where the focus is upon keeping people healthy and enhancing vitality.  Amber discussed the benefits of acupuncture (the physical therapy of the tradition), diet and herbal treatments employed in her practice.
Her discussion included an interesting introduction that made a case for why there are many misconceptions about TCM that come from the mistranslation of 4,000 year-old Chinese texts.  She described a common notion of chi = energy,  as a mistaken translation which has led to an erroneous “Energy Model” of practice.  In Amber’s view, Chi is better understood as “air” or oxygen, while Jing-mai (author’s phonetic spelling) which can be assessed through pulses, describes a distribution system or circulatory system, also once wrongly translated in the 19th century as the  “meridian system”.   She went on to describe the importance enhancing our circulatory system to bring nutrient-rich supplies to all tissues.
Amber’s discussion outlined a fascinating discussion of the mechanism of action at work in the TCM.  Much of the talk was devoted to question and answer, which elicited a great discussion. MomTime members largely volunteered great stories of the benefits of acupuncture they had personally experienced.  Our audience members shared stories of successful treatment of nerve pain, headache, sciatica, infertility, immobility, carpel tunnel syndrome, and anxiety. One woman shared that the treatment was more relaxing than a massage or a nap.  The speaker joked, “so good it will make you drool.”  She has a long list of ailments she is able to treat.

Amber encourages us to discover what vitality feels like.  Check back here for more information.






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