Spring Service Project: Beauty for Ashes Uganda

5 Feb

Brandi Lea, founder of a women’s cooperative organization, serving families of the Teso region of Uganda came to share her story of getting involved in helping women help themselves.  The goal of the organization is to achieve long-term sustainability through development of co-ops where the women lead by choosing and developing their own projects.  U46

Brandi told MomTime about the work she facilitates: a phenomenon that has grown from serving about 30 single mothers and widows to more than 1050 women and 600 children in their care.  These women have had such success working collectively that saving has become possible.  Women are able to amass a personal savings, a group savings, and emergency fund savings account. Examples of projects chosen are crop rotation, literacy training, the purchase and care of cows (dairy products), poultry husbandry, textiles, childcare collectives, cassava mills, and orchards.  The idea is to  bring up the level of each by working together.

Brandi gave an impassioned testimony about the love that is her driving motivation. Her mantra she shares with all those women in Uganda, she shares with with us at Momtime: You are loved! You are worth loving!

Momtime will be collecting sturdy backpacks to be sent to the region in early June.  Please consider sponsoring a village in the region.  You may choose a village to follow, even form a personal relationship with women in these villages.  For example, a new village forming cooperatives is called Soroti Town.  Brandi enthusiastically endorsed this form of sponsorship.  Visit the website to learn more.


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