Conquering Stress and that Sense of ‘Overwhelm’ by Jennifer Kilgo

18 Mar

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Jennifer Kilgo, MA, LPC and owner of Root Counseling a private practice serving women in Denver spoke to MomTime a few weeks back.  Jennifer gave a warm presentation to the group outlining steps to recalibrate our internal conversation to subdue feelings of being overwhelmed and to better cope with stress.  She dedicates her practice to working exclusively with women, she explained in her introduction, “because women often put everyone else  in their lives before themselves” leaving them prone to a sense of “overwhelm. ” She polled the group on coping skills we use to address our own stress.  Responses were many: using organization tools like lists and prioritizing, getting adequate sleep, exercise, solitude and nature, meditation and prayer, and time with friends and partners.
Jennifer quickly got down to some key culprits that get in the way of our efforts. She outlined unreasonable expectations, perfectionism, critical self-talk, and many more.  We did some exercises to show the power of internal thinking.  We wrote down critical ideas we harbor then considered talking to a dear friend or family member using the same language.  The exercise really illustrated the extent of harsh self-talk. Most were surprised at the degree of harshness and high expectations we have for ourselves.  We explored how to exercise self-compassion. We also explored the power of affirmation in break-out groups.  In so doing, we not only laughed a lot, but discovered that many others feel the same way.  Finally, Jennifer led the group in a guided relaxation exercise in which she helped us visualize a painful or stressful thought, name it, and let it go.
Overall, we enjoyed a morning of self-discovery and connection with other moms about ways to handle stress.
To learn more about Jennifer Kilgo and her practice please visit her website.




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