Creative Self! How to Tap into It

16 Sep

img_6724The fall 2016 MomTime session started with an inspiring and relaxing presentation by Delanie Holton of The Craftsman and Apprentice.  MomTime members painted with watercolors while enjoying each other’s company. Highlights of Delanie’s discussion are: to be creative is healthy and to have a hobby enhances our personhood and motherhood.  Simply put, it is fun to be in the moment making something new.  Some more than others were able to experience ‘flow’ while painting and socializing.  Delanie encourages not getting attached to the finished work, but to enjoy the process.  To create something new is good, regardless of outcome.  Though it is possible to make something beautiful, up to our own standards or taste, it may take time, practice and hard work to get it how one may envision it.  The process itself is worth it.

When creating something or trying something new, if you get stuck it is helpful to pause and ask, “what else is possible?”.  This way of thinking is the creative work of the brain, and “is really healthy for you.” Another favorite take-home message is that to make things, or have a hobby is a wonderful way to model balanced living for our children.  We’ve heard this many times in past MomTime sessions. Delanie shared that in resuming her creative life after children she had to learn that in her family “everyone is equally important”.   She encouraged all mommas to make time for fun, creativity and flow. Everyone will benefit!


Delanie Holton-Fressler, Owner of The Craftsman and Apprentice



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