Join us at the next MomTime meeting on Friday, April 7th from 9:15 – 11:30am.

28 Mar

“MomTreprenuers Market – Local Moms Showcase Hard Work and Wares”

A “MomTreprenuer” is a mom that has found a way to create a business, work from home and be as flexible as she needs to be. Join us and hear how these moms turned their creativity into an enterprising business. Moms will showcase products and services they create and sell.

Invest in Yourself at MomTime! Join us for hot coffee and breakfast. Friendship, support and speakers to uplift, inspire and educate you. MomTime is an inclusive, community-based group. All moms are welcome at MomTime – working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, and moms to kids of all ages. We welcome moms of all faiths – or none. Childcare provided with RSVP.

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Join us at the next MomTime meeting on Friday, March 17th.

11 Mar

Invest in Yourself at MomTime! Join us at the next MomTime meeting on Friday, March 17th from 9:15 – 11:30am.

“Protecting Your Kids and Yourself Online” presented by Matthew Clark, Senior Offensive Security Engineer at Verizon Enterprise Solutions and dad of two.

Matthew will discuss steps you can take to improve your online security posture and protect your kids and yourself from threats.

Join us for hot coffee and breakfast – you get to enjoy it before it cools. Friendship, support and speakers to uplift, inspire and educate you. Get creative ideas, support and fun to make your parenting journey joyful. All moms are welcome at MomTime – working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, and moms to kids of all ages. Childcare provided with RSVP.

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Join us at the next Momtime meeting on Friday, March 3rd from 9:15 – 11:15am

21 Feb

Addiction, Recovery and Healing 101: For Addicts, Loved Ones and Friends

Michael Dinneen, LCSW, CACIII, CSAT, Shadow Mountain Recovery, will present an overview of early, middle and late stage addictions – including process, behavioral compulsions and disorders.  He will begin with his own story of addiction, 25 years of recovery as well as 22 years of professional experience as an addictions counselor, spiritual director and clinical director.  Because addiction affects so many people and it deeply affects those close to them as well, Michael will also discuss intervention and recovery.  He can provide hope for friends and family and will describe the process of healing that takes place when an individual truly commits themselves.


Join us at the next MomTime meeting on Friday, February 17th 9:15 – 11:15am

11 Feb

Featuring Ray W. Lincoln, PhD, Ray Lincoln & Associates presenting on “Understanding Your Child, Their Temperament (And Yours) To Create a Lasting Bond”

Parenting can be a real struggle at times. You might find yourself saying, “Why didn’t this kid come with an instruction book?” The good news is that each of us did come with instructions! Ray W. Lincoln will show us where to look for the instructions that are hard-wired within us and in our kids, and how to understand them.

Breakfast and childcare provided. Please RSVP to


Kith Colorado and Evidence-Based Care

3 Feb

MomTime is pleased to announce our Spring  2017 Service Project:


Kathleen Krebs, MPH, of Kith Colorado gave an informative presentation last week on this exciting organization that helps prepare parents for the process of parenting, starting with the childbirth process.  Katie talked  about the importance of evidenced-based care in labor, inspiring mothers and families to be informed about birthing options.

Advocating for care and parenting practices based on scientific evidence improves outcomes and fosters a sense of empowerment for new mothers to speak up for their desires around early parenting.  Kith Colorado provides families with information and support to be an active participant in their care.  Katie’s slides described the benefits of prenatal care through postpartum care, for example:  the benefits of skin-to-skin bonding between mother and neonate, breastfeeding, and the importance for advocating for these when not offered.  A fun take-home message:  who wouldn’t want more support in the labor process?!

Kith Colorado strives to reach mothers and families without access to such information with a focus on families facing financial hardships and under-served populations.  Their mission is to provide an inclusive environment where moms can learn, connect and access support and information. Kith Colorado educates on childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding support, baby and toddler sleep education, and positive discipline techniques.   To find out more, visit Kith Colorado.


Join us at MomTime on Friday, February 3rd from 9:15 – 11:15am

23 Jan

“Kith Colorado and Evidence-Based Care and Support: What It Is and How to Get It”

MomTime welcomes Kathleen Krebs, MPH, Board President of Kith Colorado and Childbirth Educator at Birth Knowledge Childbirth Education. Kathleen will discuss barriers to evidence-based care and why access to evidence-based care and services is so critical for mothers and families during the childbearing years.

MomTime is excited to support Kith Colorado as the Spring 2017 service project organization. Kith Colorado is a 501c3 dedicated to improving the lives of families through parental education and support services. kith-colorado-photos-katie-2


Dive into Your CORE Confidence: Find More Success and Happiness in Life

21 Jan

Thanks to Dr. Melissa Gressner for presenting at the Friday, 1/20 MomTime meeting. Dr. Gressner presented tips and tools for implementing CORE (Create, Orient, Reconnect and Excel) confidence strategies. We appreciated the practical examples and the time we spent in pairs discussing our own personal “mantras” and “power poses”. 20170120_101709