Why MomTime?

Most moms these days are busy balancing a variety of tasks and responsibilities. It can be hard to take a morning off just for you…

Here’s what some moms are saying about why they make attending MomTime meetings on Friday mornings a priority:

  • “I attend MomTime for the friends and socialization. There are always great speaker topics that I use and apply in my life”.
  • “I make MomTime a priority because I need the friendly community support.”
  • “I enjoy MomTime because I like being around a group of women who understand the joys of being a mom.”
  • “I feel comfortable taking some time for myself when my children are well-cared for at MomTime.”
  • “MomTime gives me some time to myself and a quick break from mommyhood.”
  • “MomTime has been a great source of support and has provided a meaningful way to connect with other moms and make friends.”
  • “MomTime “fills my bucket” and my kids love it too!”
  • “MomTime provides friendship and a break. It is one of the few things I do that is really just for me.”
  • “I get connection, good information and friendship from MomTime.”
  • “It is the only time all week that I can enjoy a hot breakfast while sitting down.”
  • “MomTime helps me make taking care of myself and taking a break a priority.”
  • “I love the speakers and topics.”
  • “I enjoy the fellowship and sense of purpose I feel when I attend MomTime.”
  • “I make MomTime a priority because of the friendships I’ve made in the group.”
  • “I attend MomTime to expand my network of wonderful women friends.”
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